Did TCID participate in the TROA negotiations?

TCID was involved in many of the earlier negotiating meetings, and on a number of occasions did propose provisions or concepts which it wanted to be considered for TROA. All of TCID’s written proposals were discussed by the negotiating participants. A TCID representative was present at and participated in many of those discussions. Verbal responses were provided to any TCID representative present when TCID proposals were made or discussed. Because of the “give and take” nature of the negotiating process, no written responses to proposals were generally provided to any party unless the party proposed language or alternative language for a particular provision of TROA. To the extent that any specific TCID proposals or concepts were not accepted for inclusion in a TROA draft, it was because those specific proposals or concepts were not consistent with the statutory objectives TROA is required to achieve, were deemed to be contrary to the Department of the Interior’s OCAP, or were not acceptable to one or more of the mandatory signatory parties.