NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC- TCID closed to public access

March 24, 2020 | Michael Adams


Effective March 20, 2020, until further notice, the District Business Office will be closed to walk-in traffic -in order to protect our water users and employees from potential exposure to COVID-19.   We invite our Newlands Project water users to contact us via the telephone at (775) 423-2141 to transact business.  Office staff will be available to answer the telephone between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Where absolutely necessary, appointments may be made with Department Managers and other District employees subject to conditions that will reduce person-to-person contact and gatherings. 

Please refer to the following telephone directory for the setting of appointments:

            Water Ordering and Scheduling:                                                                   (775) 423-2141 or 423-6511

            Water Operations –Kelly Herwick                                                                  (775) 423-2141 or 427-9159

            Facility Maintenance –Cody Biggs                                                                 (775) 423-2141 or 427-0964

          Systems & Technologies Management, and Project Security-Mike Adams   (775) 423-2141 or 427-9717

            Hydro-Electric Facilities Management-Mark Solinski                                      (775) 427-9158

            Financial Management- Helen-Marie Morrow                                                 (775) 423-2141

‘           General Manager-Rusty Jardine, Esq.                                                            (775) 423-2141 or 427-9095

            Allocations, Water Right Records, Transfers –Diane Bailey                           (775) 423-2141

            Pump Permits, Allocations, Water Right Records-Ida Adams                        (775) 423-2141                                                  

The operation and the maintenance of the Newlands Federal Reclamation Project constitute essential and critical governmental functions.  Accordingly, every effort must be undertaken to protect our employees from illness during this extraordinary public health crisis -in order that they may discharge their duties unimpaired.

Thank you for your patience; and, please take good care!


By: Rusty D.Jardine, Esq., General Manager

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