March 04, 2019 | Michael Adams

Before you order for the first time, please inspect the takeout(s) that serve your field(s) and verify the numbers to make sure they match what the office has in the system.  If there is no tag on a takeout or the takeout number does not match the allocation paperwork that TCID sent to you, please call the office and inform the staff.

Please know the serial number you wish to order on when you call.

If you have multiple phone numbers and or irrigators, inform office staff  when you order who the contact person is and what the correct phone number is going to be for the order,

Only one lateral is allowed per order, however up to 5 takeouts can be included in one order.  If you will be using more than 5 takeouts, a second order will be needed for the additional takeouts. You will need to calculate, based on the takeouts that serve the fields, how many hours to estimate for each order. YOU MUST ORDER FOR EACH TAKEOUT THAT WILL BE USED.  YOU CAN NOT ORDER UNDER ONE TAKEOUT AND MOVE THE WATER TO OTHER TAKEOUTS IF THEY ARE NOT ON THE ORDER. If you do, you will be flagged for over application of water to one takeout and a HOLD put on your water.  Water deliveries are reported by takeout and takeouts with no orders will not be reported in the delivery causing an inaccurate delivery report.

Please have your estimated hours and cubic feet per second (CFS) calculated before you call, it will save time and prevent errors.  

If you have any questions about how to order, or need to report takeout issues or would like copies of field maps, please call the TCID office at 423-2141.

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